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Sports Animation Pros

We Know Sports. 2Tall animation is a 2D animation production studio specializing in fanaticism and sports. We use animation to pump up and engage audiences. From newcomer to diehard fans, we know how to reach and build your fandom.


The 2Tall Animation roster is packed with clients like Amazon Prime, NASCAR, FOX Sports, the NFL, and MLS. From commercials to stadium rosters to AR activations, we've done it all.

Every 2Tall sports animation project is custom, and we're ready to tackle your unique challenges and goals.


Fandom doesn't always have to be about sports. While sports animation is our specialty, at 2Tall Animation we also love working with brands that want a bold style of animation for animated ads and video explainers. We work with brands like NASA, United Way, and Space Center Houston to create sharp, impactful animated ads and brand awareness videos that capture the essence of their work. Whether your brand is a sports franchise or an organization with serious athletic energy, 2Tall Animation can bring your project to the finish line

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