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The Smokey Bear Song

The client was looking for an animation to introduce K-2nd grade classes to Smokey Bear and the basics of wildfire prevention. Inspired by the catchiness and timelessness of School House Rock, we set out to create an musical animation that introduces kids to Smokey and his story, and wraps the ideas that "wildfires are bad" and "only we can help" in a catchy, festive, and easily repeatable wrapper



The U.S. Forest Service & The Ohio Department of Natural Resources


CSCA Creative Best Awards

  • Award of Excellence-Video

  • Judge's Award


Communicator Awards

  • Award of Distinction - Animation


Telly Awards

  • Bronze Award - Use of Music or Jingle


"The best work is the work you remember long after it's out of your hands. The song they composed is brilliant and will stay with you, swimming in your head all night long." - Travis Robertson, Creative Director at Target and Judge at CSC Arts Creative Best


Writer/Creative Director: Greg Walter

Characters: Ian Mork

Backgrounds: Kevin Deasey

Creative Team: Alexis Schucknecht, Katie Chandler, Sean Barrett

Animation: Greg Walter, Vincent Alexander

Vocals: The Cast of Shadowbox Live


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