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Puma LaMelo Ball

Given LaMelo Ball’s otherworldly talents, personality, and fashion, he couldn’t possibly be from Earth. When Puma brought us in to make some hype videos for his new shoes, we decided it was time to show the world where Melo is actually from.


Like Melo, the MB.01 shoe line is a patchwork combo of over the top styles that you would never think would go together. So we made our hype videos a patchwork of style explorations. We explored Melo’s personality as cartoon-watching kid, slick style icon, and intergalactic space deity. And no matter where Melo is, MB.01 line of shoes still fits.


Puma gave us an incredible amount of creative freedom on this project and we had a blast. Sadly, the final product was never released.   


Puma Inc



Creative Direction

Greg Walter

Kevin Rapp



Greg Walter

Kevin Rapp


Visual Design

Ian Mork

Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo


Character Animation

Stefan Warren

Greg Walter

Christopher Zambrano


Motion Graphics and 3D Modeling

Marco Cardenas

John Peterson

Greg Walter

Natt Thangvijit


Additional Assets

Sunshine Mall

Eon Walter

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