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NBA Playoffs Elimination

NBA Playoffs Elimination: A three-month social media series we made during the 2023 NBA Playoffs. 

Our Playoffs Elimination series scored over 130 million organic views on our Instagram and TikTok channels, and led to a 6500% growth in followers in three months.


 We also published sharable GIFs - which received over 150 million views in the first 30 days, and were used in over 1500 TikTok Duets, Instagram comments, and more. 


With pre-built alternate-result animations, we were able to drop new animations the moment the final buzzer sounded, engaging our rapidly growing audience in real-time.


Creative Director: Greg Walter

Character Design: Ian Mork

Animation: Ian Mork, Greg Walter, Steven Rawley

Peanuts Remix & Sound: Greg Walter, Nathan Johnstone

Producer: Lexi Morgan

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