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The 2021 NBA Playoffs in One Minute

NBA Playoffs Elimination: A Peanuts-inspired stunt & shade animation that we made just for fun through the 2021 NBA Playoffs leading up to the NBA Championship series between the Bucks and the Suns. The video ended up with 1.4 million views on YouTube, and got great engagement 1000 comments from fans. 


RIP Stef

RIP Lebron & AD

RIP Luka

RIP Dame

RIP Kawhai & PG13

RIP Joel Embiid

RIP Kyrie, KD, & the Beard

RIP the Joker

RIP Trae Young

RIP everybody but conference champs Giannis & CP3


Creative Director: Greg Walter

Character Design: Ian Mork

Animation: Ian Mork & Greg Walter

Peanuts Remix & Sound: Greg Walter

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