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Little girls come in all shapes and sizes: Tall, short, dark, light, small, large. Some are giant, strong, and fluffy! This is a series about that kind of little girl. It's an abominable tale of loving yourself for exactly who you are. 


Sesame Workshop


Writer/Creative Director/Music: Greg Walter

Visuals: Ian Mork

Animation: Stefan Warren, Katy Shuttleworth, Greg Walter

Vocals: Cassie Glow, Lune Moreland, Greg Walter, Nophi Mitchell


Chicago International Children's Film Festival 2017

  • Best Film - Early Childhood


CSCArts Creative Best 2017

  • Best in Category - Video

  • Judge's Award

Film Festivals

  • Chicago International Children's Film Festival (2017)

  • New York International Children's Film Festival (2018)

  • New Zealand International Film Festival (2018)

  • Little Big Shots - Australia's International Film Fest for Kids (2018)

  • Singapore International Children's Film Festival (2018)

  • Way Out West Fest, Australia (2018)

  • Australian Center for the Moving Image Film Series (2017)

  • SOMA Film Festival (2017)

  • Maryland Film Fest (2018)

  • Pittsburgh International Childrens Film Fest (2018)

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