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Duke Basketball Animations

Big Splash - A tribute to the best of the OGs of Duke Basketball like Kyrie Irving, Zion Williamson, and Grant Hill. 

Hoop Heroes - We reimagined the 2020-21 team as comic book heroes for the season kickoff video, the 2020-21 Duke team poster, a series of social media comic book covers, and individual player social media animations


Duke & Empire Music (Big Splash)


Creative Director: Greg Walter

Visual Lead: Ian Mork

Character Design: Ian Mork & Joshua Upshaw

Animation: Stefan Warren, Greg Walter, Ian Mork, Mark Aguilar, Alex Marek

Backgrounds: Ian Mork


Big Splash Fat Joe & Dre

Onna Come Up by Lil Eazzyy

Tags: Duke Animation, Duke Comic Book, Duke Team Poster, Duke Mens Basketball, Sports Animation

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