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We work with brands who want to educate and inspire.


Animation and Songs


If you grew up with School House Rock, you know the power of animation and song to teach and inspire people to learn. We write original songs that teach, inspire, and entertain. We also make promotional videos to get the word out about your learning programs, upcoming exhibits, and opportunities.


Whether for books, marketing materials, or branding campaigns, our illustrations add a unique and compelling visual dimension to your project.

Print Materials (Comic books, Coloring books, etc)


Art doesn’t have to stay on a screen - we can help guide you through the printing process, or provide designs that slide into your current processes.



We Can Also help with:

  • Infographics

  • Game Design,

  • Graphic Packages,

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Creative Strategy


Tiffany Baruah
Instructional Designer
McGraw Hill

Working with 2Tall is always a breath of fresh air. I have worked with other vendors and teams and nothing compares to the creativity, the ownership, and the actual fun I have working with 2Tall Animation.


Kacey Shapiro
Marketing Manager


2Tall was the perfect partner for NineSigma’s recent animated video project. We had a number of ideas we wanted to get across and 2Tall were able to boil down our needs and work with us to craft a story and video that fit in flawlessly with our culture to tell our story.


Travis Robertson
Creative Director

The best work is the work you remember long after it's out of your hands. The song they composed is brilliant and will stay with you, swimming in your head all night long.

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